The Reasons for Invention of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG)

Within the last decade there has been a global tendency to stop using tap water for cooking and drinking purposes. Numerous analyses of tap water show a large number of various contaminations and as a result it might be risky to drink tap water even in European countries where plumbing systems are made of eco-friendly plastic that does not add any rust impurities to the drinking water and filtration systems are cleaned and being replaced on regular basis.

In most cases people choose bottled purified water or additional filters as an alternative to the tap water.

To add a light solution of antibiotic is one of the main ways to purify water that will be bottled into well-known 19 liter bottles and will be delivered to your office. But this method contains certain pitfalls. A human organism undergoes changes if antibiotics are taken daily even in light doses. Is it worth to mention that those individuals who are happy in the beginning that their cold does not cause typically high body temperature soon start to realize that these changes are bringing no good.

The filters used at homes perfectly purify water from rust impurities but the majority of them change fast the balance of microelements in the water and it does not always bring a positive effect for human health and water taste.


Asian Tiger Company offers a completely new innovative way to solve a problem of getting clean drinking water. Humidity condensation in the air and the further multi-level process of filtration allow obtaining crystal clean water that contains all necessary and healthy microelements. Laboratory studies and clinical tests show that drinking such water on regular basis is totally harmless.

Microelements content in the water going through mineral filtration system:

Micro-element Li Sr Zn K Na Ca Mg Fe Mo Cu Se

Result 0.39 1.01 0.32 15.1 19.4 11.5 3.2 0.01 3.1 4.9 6.7

AWG Description

The Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) AT-30L is a high-tech device assembled in China that seriously decreases the final product price. It was thoroughly tested and was highly estimated by the international board of experts. Its high energy efficiency also allows extracting crystal clean and tasty drinking water with the minimal resources.

Filter UV-1

The Atmospheric Water Generator AT-30L extracts humidity from the atmosphere, uses the proprietary condensation process, and transforms it into absolutely pure (99, 9%) healthy drinking water.

AT-30L использует 12-ступенчатый процесс фильтрации, который включает в себя: 1 угольный фильтр нижнего бака, 2 углеродных пропитанных серебром фильтра, 1 мембрану обратного осмоса FILMTEC, 1 биокерамический минеральный фильтр и 3 УФ лампы стерилизации Philips (1 в нижнем баке, 1 в верхнем баке и 1 в трубопроводе выдачи воды).

AT-30L uses 12 stage filtration process that includes: 1 Bottom Tank Carbon Filter, 2 Carbon-Silver Composite Filters, 1 RO Membrane FILMTEC, 1 Bioceramic Mineral Filter and 3 PHILIPS UV Sterilization Lamps (1- at the bottom tank, 1- at the top tank and 1 – in the water feedline).

The RO membrane and UV lamps should be replaced every 2 years under normal system operation. The carbon and mineral filters must be replaced every 6 months.

- Unique twist design

- Easy replacement

- Easy operation

- Easy maintenance

- Dimensions (in cm) : 31.5x13x34

- • Weight: 5 kg

Consumer Market

Its timely character is proved by marketing research results. Nearly about 70% of office staff (including top-managers and directors) is not satisfied with the quality of drinking water in their offices, with the delays in delivery of bottled water, etc. Our company generators AT-30L must meet needs of all prospective customers` categories:

- AT30-L Generator system is based on innovative technology;

- AT30-L Generator is totally risk-free;

- Its basic components and joint elements are assembled with a quality guaranty (Every manufactured AT30-L Generator is tested manually that reduces the risk of manufacturing defect practically to 0%;

- Factory warranty and service centers support;

- Space-saving design;

- Easy-in-use;

- Low-power mode ;

- Possible wireless usage.

AT30-L Generators have become leading products in its niche at European and Asian markets due to its relatively low prices.

Market Trends

Our company marketing experts have developed several franchise plans that give legal rights to set up business under Asian Tiger trade name. Few series of marketing and social studies have been initiated by us. The agreements on Asian Tiger products delivery have been signed with a number of large companies. The demand on atmospheric water generators is steadily growing and they will most likely come as an alternative to outdated systems of drinking water in the majority of offices soon.