Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)?
О: A: An Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a high tech device that can fully meet needs in drinking water of a typical family or a middle-sized company. From the technical standpoint it extracts humidity from the atmosphere and filters it further. Its multilevel filtration system includes a Carbon Filter, Hydrocarbon Filters, a Reverse-osmotic (RO) Membrane, and UV Sterilization Lamps. The total amount of filters is twelve (or five types, each of them filters certain microelements which cannot be stopped by other filters, theoretically speaking). As a result we get crystal clean tasteful water. The names for the technology vary a lot, but the general principle is “water from air”.
Q: What do I receive with the purchase of Asian Tiger Franchise package?
A: You receive:
- Out-of-the-box solution for organizing of interesting and highly profitable business;
- Franchise package (guidelines, standards, recommendations);
- Unique space planning and interior design for your office, showrooms or exhibition site;
- Unique commercial proposals developed especially for your potential customers;
- Experience and support of Asian Tiger expert team to become successful.
Q: Where can I see the materials that are given to Franchisee by Asian Tiger Company?
A: You obtain the right to organize your business under Asian Tiger trademark. Depending on the Franchise package or a Plan you get exclusive rights and terms that you can inspect at Franchising section of our webpages.
Q: What functions does AT-30L feature?
A: The AT-30L machine from Asian Tiger is one of the most popular representatives of atmospheric water generators family. As it has been mentioned above it extracts water from air, in its strict meaning. Its operating principle allows to get absolutely clean water without heavy energy demands.
Q: What is the liquid volume that AT-30L is capable to produce?
A: Approx. under 50% of humidity it can produce up to 30 liters of water per day (normal humidity indoors is 70%). If the room is less than 10 square meters in size, then you have to allow enough fresh air to ensure normal operation of the AWG.
Q: Is it necessary to change filters for AT-30L?
A: It is required to replace Hydrocarbon filters (2 items), a Carbon filter (1 filter in the bottom tank) and a Bioceramic mineral filter (1 item as well) at six-monthly intervals. Other filters of the system must be replaced (a RO membrane and UV Sterilization lamps) every other year.
Q: Are all microelements and harmful microorganisms removed while filtration process?
A: Carbon and hydrocarbon filters catch all microelements contained in the condensed water efficiently.

A reverse-osmotic (RO) membrane guarantees the absence of any microelements. Any harmful microorganisms (plainly, microbes) are destroyed in the water in the process of irradiation with UV rays, that go from three sterilization lamps. Such sterilization is totally harmless for a human organism, and it gives 100% guarantee that all microbes are destroyed. Various independent researches results show the ultimate safety of drinking the water gained from AT-30L device. Also they ensure the complete absence of microelements that are not typical for the mineral composition of water.
Q: The filtered water quite often has practically no taste. What`s the taste of the water gained from AT-30L generator?
A: In many cases filtered water loses its taste due to the lack of the proper balance of mineral salts. They are simply filtered out by carbon (or any other) filter as needless elements. In At-30L a mineral filters solve the problem as it brings the required balance of salts back to the water and it gives a wonderful fresh taste of a mountain spring water.
Q: Numerous case studies show that in many accommodations (especially heated ones) the humidity is insufficient and specialists advise to humidify the air in the rooms. The AT-30L generator condensates moisture from air thus obviously decreasing humidity in the room. May it cause negative effects for human health?
A: Asian Tiger Company (a manufacturer for AT-30L generators) recommends to install them in accommodations and office premises (kitchens, bathrooms, office rooms for having meals, etc) and the company does not recommend to install it in the places, where one spend several hours a day (study rooms, bedrooms, children`s rooms). In winter season the generator might be used as a filter if to plumb it. The tap water goes through the filters of the device and gets cleaner step-by-step and tastier.
Q: Does the generator make a lot of noise when it works?
A: Don`t be afraid, the majority of people associate the word “generator” with a terrible noise, that is produced by an electric generator. This one surely works differently. Its noise is higher than whispering sounds but much lower than the level of average conversation.
Q: What warranty does the manufacturer offer for AT-30L generator?
A: The standard guarantee duration is one year. You can prolong it up to three years with extra charge.