Atmospheric water generator AT-30L

Reasons and prerequisites for the atmospheric water generators.

Atmospheric Water Generator AT-30L is a dream of any office staff.

This unique device provides up to 30 liters of crystal clean drinking water rich with all necessary microelements. Therefore it can fully meet the daily needs of a large team in your office.

A microcomputer controls all the processes running in the generator. It constantly troubleshoots all its joint elements. The display indicator flashes so you will know if there is a glitch or a filter elements excessive wear or any other problem.

Atmospheric Water Generator is easy in use. It features a space-saving design that fits easily into any office environment and sets good mood throughout the day for your team.

Atmospheric Water Generator AT-30L is widely used in European offices and manufacture premises, at car repair shops, in country houses, and simply at homes. The happy owners of AT-30L Generators have realized the difference between drinking water from their own generators and tap water, as filters in the pipelines get dirty regularly and metal joint elements corrode.

AT30L Generator always ensures clean water for your office.



Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Overall performance: 30 liters/day
Water production: 280W on average
Heating/Cooling: 500W
Water temperature: 4 - 95°C
Temperature: 15 - 40°C
Air humidity: 35 - 95%
Weight: 49kg
Dimensions (cm): 45x43x112
VFD Display
Compressor cooling
Hot/Cold function
External water connection