Asian Tiger Franchisor Company business activities are currently represented in Europe, UAE, China, India, Ukraine and Russia. Due to the use of AWG AT30-L over 1 million of drinking water was produced since the company has operated on the market. The company signed contracts for AT30-L Atmospheric Water Generators distribution nearly to all world countries. Every manufactured AT30-L Generator is tested manually that reduces the risk of technical problems tremendously during its first years of use.

Now this innovative way to get drinking water is available all over the world and with you!

Asian Tiger brings future to your home along with its franchise solutions!


Always ensures clean water for your office

Atmospheric Water Generator AT-30L is a dream of any office staff.



Сотрудничество по системе франчайзинга

Компания предоставляет несколько вариантов для франчайзинга



Доставка в любую страну мира в течении 5 дней

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